Friday Phish Fry

Phishing Email Alerts

Catch of the Day:  Fake IT Support Phish

Chef’s Special:  Inactive Email Account Phish

Examples of clever phish that made it past my spam filters and into my Inbox, or from clients, or reliable sources on the Internet.

I would be delighted to accept suspicious phishing examples from you.  Please forward your email to

My intention is to provide a ...

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Weekend Update

A quick Saturday digest of cybersecurity news articles from other sources.

Pac-Man Turns 40

The classic arcade game—which turns 40 on May 22—made history by launching an unprecedented merchandise empire. But Pac-Man was innovative in other ways, too. During a time when video games’ default audience was adult men, Pac-Man successfully engaged women and children, becoming one of the first games to broaden the medium’s appeal in both ...

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