Sunday Funnies – Numbers and Other Funny Business

There are four numbering systems that are used in information technology, binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.  There are also known as Base 2 (numbers 0 and 1), Base 8 (numbers 0 through 7), Base 10 (numbers 0 through 9, and Base 16 (numbers 0-9 and characters a, b, c, d, e f.)

Here are a couple of riddles that you should be able to solve with the information I gave you.

Also, scroll down to see the awesome COVID-19 song by a ...

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Sunday Funnies – Aussie Shopper Tries To Return 4,800 Rolls Of Toilet Paper And 150 Litres Of Hand Sanitiser

This is too funny.  A long video but worth the good humor.  From Austrailia.  Full article here.  Hilarious video below.   8 minutes, the bit about the hoarder starts at 5:15.

An Australian supermarket boss has revealed his brutal and blunt response after a shopper tried to return thousands of rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

The South Australian shopper went into one of the state’s Drake’s supermarkets and tried to make a deal.  Drakes supermarkets director John-Paul ...

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Sunday Funnies – Ghost Code

I run into this situation all the time when pen-testing.

Me: “I found this system that is running Windows XP, you need to decommission this one.”

Client: “We can’t, that system is running a custom Access application that was written by a former employee.  He left the company 10 years ago and nobody knows to to update his code.”

Later we discover the system has been hijacked for years and is hosting stolen identity documents, and spamming the customers of a French ISP.

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Sunday Funnies – Algorithm and TP

What is an algorithm exactly?  They are used in cryptography to encrypt a message.  We hear the word used all the time, but what is it?

noun: algorithm; plural noun: algorithms
  1. a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

And ...

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