Sunday Funnies – Facebook

Facebook has certainly been having their troubles lately.  Technical upgrade gone wrong, disappearing offline for a while.  Then there’s that whistleblower!!

Since the election of Uncle Joe (moving kind of slow) all my friends on the left have gone silent.  About everything, not just politics.  What gives?  Either they are completely satisfied with their new president, or they are mortifyingly embarrassed.  I miss the scathing repartee and total lack of consensus we had before the election.  Now just silence.  My friends ...

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Sunday Funnies – The Job Interview

Some of you may be looking for new employment as your current employer is forcing you back into the office.  Everybody loves the job interview.  The trap questions.  The hiring manager who is determined to show he is smarter than you.  Here are some ideas for you to use at your next interview, once you decide you would never what to work there.

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Sunday Funnies – Problem With Authority

I was meeting with a new client, and he shared this Dilbert cartoon.

This lead us into origin stories for our respective businesses.

When I was working at US West in the late 90’s, I used to fantasize with my friends at work about starting my own business, “WeissCo Worldwide.”

One day I was receiving “correction” from my supervisor about some ...

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Sunday Funnies – 8 Unusual Roadside Attractions Worth Stopping For

From the Smithsonian.

We are into August, and if you have been desperate to get in a road trip in this year after the Pandemic, here are eight ideas from the Smithsonian Institute.

Here’s the list:

  • The Museum of Everyday Life, Glover, Vermont
  • Lucy the Elephant, Margate City, New Jersey
  • Musical Highway, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Desert of Maine, Freeport, Maine
  • World’s Largest ...
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