I accept relevant guest articles for the WyzGuys Cybersecurity blog. Here are a few guidelines.

My publication schedule

  • I publish one or two original articles per week on on Tuesday (1 article that week) or Monday and Wednesday (two articles that week). The week day slots are where I publish most guest posts.
  • On Friday I have a regular phishing review feature called Friday Phish Fry.
  • Saturday I publish a cybersecurity news roundup called Weekend Update. I can provide back-links to your articles on other platforms on Saturday.
  • Sunday I publish off-topic humor and general interest articles under the title Sunday Funnies.


  • My focus is on cybersecurity, privacy, cyber-war, cyber-espionage, phishing, social engineering, robotics, red-teaming and pen-testing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • I also write about information technology and cybersecurity training and certification.
  • I occasionally accept off-topic articles on relevant subjects, so I am open to your ideas.

Product marketing, product reviews and recommendations

  • I do not accept articles with a strong marketing focus or purpose.
  • I only recommend products that I have used personally.
  • I do accept articles that provide product comparisons, i.e. several products from different manufacturers, such as a comparison of VPN or anti-malware products.

Earning Continuing Education Units

  • If you are a certified CISSP, CEH, CASP+, or hold a different professional certification, you can get continuing education credits for writing a article for publication. Let me know if you need documentation from me for a CEU or CPE credit.

Embedded hyperlinks and back-links

  • Your article may contain back-links as long as they meet the marketing criteria established above.
  • I will check each hyperlink to ensure it resolves to a safe website or web page, and it safe for my readers to click.
  • The use of bots or other methods to simulate traffic to your link will trigger a protective response from my website security that will block the bot from the site.

Date of publication

  • My blog is often scheduled out as much as a month in advance. If you need to meet a specific date, please let me know early in the process. I am will to make some accommodations, but it is difficult for me to grant a request for an immediate publication date.

Final editorial review

  • I reserve the right to make editorial changes as I see fit, including grammar, spelling, and general article flow. I reserve the right to reject your article if i find it violates the guidelines laid out above.


  • We do not pay for articles submissions at this time. I am happy to showcase your writing talent, including proper attribution and a small biography at the end of the article.