Here are a few links to interviews, web radio shows, videos, and guest articles that are elsewhere on the Internet, where I was a contributor.

Web Talk Radio

Sept 22, 2014 Business Game Changers – Snowden, NSA, and Internet security – What does this mean to your business and your freedom?

Dec 8, 2014 Business Game Changers – Cybercriminals use Government Espionage Tools to Steal Billions and how the US used Cyber Espionage to Shut Down Iran’s Nuclear Program

June 8, 2015 Business Game Changers – Cyber Espionage, the Dark Web, and loss of Billions to US Businesses

Nov 30, 2015 Anonymous, the dark web, and cyber warfare: A Look Behind the Scenes with Bob Weiss

June 15, 2017 [Video] Trump Obstruction of Justice, Sessions, Comey, Russians

July 5, 2017 [Video] Tracking Down Pedophiles: FBI’s Alliance w/ Geek Squad, 4th Amendment Violations?


June 21, 2017 How big a deal is this hack of Minnesota government and MSU Moorhead servers?  by Shaymus McLaughlin

September 2014 Channel Pro Network magazine, article by Carolyn Heinze, Thwarting Ransomware Attacks

January 2016 issue of New Business Minnesota Cyber Criminals Put Every Business at Risk

April 2019, I was interviewed for an articles in Financier World magazine, and the article appears in the April 2019 issue.  The article is titled Cyber posture: the value proposition of security.

Guest Writer

January 11, 2013 Secure360 blog – Business in the crosshairs of cyber criminals – protecting your digital assets, part 1 

January 15, 2013 Secure360 blog – Business in the crosshairs of cyber criminals – protecting your digital assets, part 2

March 22,2019, I recently reported on New WordPress Security Options, and my article was picked up and republished by PenTest Magazine.


May 5 2015 – SCORE St Paul Cybersecurity for Small Business – Am I Too Small To Be A Target?

Fireproof Your Business – We presented some cybersecurity basics at the New Business Minnesota Startup Meetup on March 23, 2016

Email Security: Resist That Click – Sponsored by First State Bank and Trust, presented on May 23, 2017 at the Phipps Theatre in Hudson, WI.

More Videos on my YouTube Channel