Sunday Funnies – Problem With Authority

I was meeting with a new client, and he shared this Dilbert cartoon.

This lead us into origin stories for our respective businesses.

When I was working at US West in the late 90’s, I used to fantasize with my friends at work about starting my own business, “WeissCo Worldwide.”

One day I was receiving “correction” from my supervisor about some ...

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Sunday Funnies – 8 Unusual Roadside Attractions Worth Stopping For

From the Smithsonian.

We are into August, and if you have been desperate to get in a road trip in this year after the Pandemic, here are eight ideas from the Smithsonian Institute.

Here’s the list:

  • The Museum of Everyday Life, Glover, Vermont
  • Lucy the Elephant, Margate City, New Jersey
  • Musical Highway, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Desert of Maine, Freeport, Maine
  • World’s Largest ...
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