My son took me out for a round of golf yesterday, for System Administrator’s Day, which is tomorrow.  Well, I like to think it was for SysAdmin Day.  We got shoehorned into an afternoon tee time between a threesome that was walking the course, and shooting poorly enough that it was likely we would be waiting for them often.  Behind us was a tournament, champing at the bit to get started.  It looked like it would be a slow afternoon ...

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Good Question–What Are These Huge Files?

A client of mine sent me the following question:


I saw these files on my C drive, created on July 19:

hiberfil.sys 2,095,252 KB

pagefile.sys 4,190,208 KB

WTF??? Should I be concerned?


This was my reply:

hiberfil.sys is the file created when you hibernate your computer. It is the image created of your system state, and is always big.

pagefile.sys is the area of the hard drive dedicated to transferring data and applications from the hard drive to the system memory or RAM. The bigger this partition ...

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Fake Anti-Virus “Scareware” Scam Busted By Interpol Had Minneapolis Connection

Many, many of my clients (too many) have fallen victim to one of the many Fake AV exploits.  This happens when you inadvertently browse a web page that has been infected with executable software code.  The executed code is inserted in the legitimate website one of two ways.  The first requires the cyber-crooks to hack the web server using an automated brute force password attack, and is usually possible because the web master is using weak and easy to break ...

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Android and Linux–Brothers or Cousins?

I have been keeping an eye on Android because it seems like an excellent operating system platform for laptops and desktop PCs – perhaps.  Android has already made it into the tablet space,and two laptop manufacturers, Toshiba and Asus, have announced Android based laptops.  This represents a very real edge of the wedge into the operating systems space dominated by Microsoft Windows for two decades.  And with the money, marketing savvy, and technical expertise of Google behind Android, there is ...

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When Doo-Doo Happens: A Study in World Religions

This is one of my favorite bits of humor.  Thanks to

Agnosticism – Maybe doo-doo happens, maybe it doesn’t

Atheism – There is no doo-doo

Buddhism – If doo-doo happens, it’s not really doo-doo.

Catholicism – If doo-doo happens you deserve it.

Christian Science – The doo-doo is in your mind

Confucianism – Doo-doo happens when you don’t honor your ancestors

Existentialism – What is doo-doo anyway?

Hare Krishna – Doo-doo happens. Rama Rama.

Hedonism – There’s nothing like good doo-doo happening

Hinduism – This doo-doo happened ...

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International IPv6 Day

June 8th was the first International IPv6 Day.  Huh?  What is that?

IP or the Internet Protocol, is part of the TCP/IP communications protocol that modern computers use to communicate with each other.  We have been using IPv4 or Internet Protocol version 4 since the early 90’s to provide addressing  and routing on the Internet.  IPv4 uses a 32 bit binary (ones and zeros) addressing scheme that commonly looks something like, which happens to be the address of Microsoft’s web ...

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Harmon Killebrew

Today is Harmon Killebrew’s funeral.  As fate would have it, the Twins are playing in Phoenix Arizona, and so they are able to participate in the funeral as pallbearers.  How fitting.

As I was listening to Soucheray’s radio show, they kept referring to him as a “hero” and it finally occurred to me that he was and still is my very first boyhood hero.  As a boy growing up in St Louis Park, I had a genuine Harmon Killebrew Louisville Slugger ...

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Online File Storage–Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Docs, or Amazon Cloud Drive

There are a lot of options if you decide to put your documents in the cloud.  Keeping a synchronized copy of your documents in the cloud is a form of backup, for starters.  There are other advantages, too; like collaboration, document sharing, and synchronizing files between multiple PCs or other Internet connected devices such as tablets and smartphones.  Let’s look at three of the better known ones.

First, there is Microsoft’s SkyDrive, 25 GB of free online storage, with a Hotmail ...

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