Phish Fry Special Edition

Putin and the Russian Army have just invade the Ukraine.  This is Round Three, and may be for real this time, real as in Russian takes back the Ukraine and annexes an entire country.

The Russians have used Ukraine Rounds One and Two, and similar incursions against Georgia and other independent republics as practice.  They have specialized in a new type of hybrid warfare that combine cyber-war with traditional military tactics like invasion.

One of the things all of us can expect ...

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Friday Pish Fry

Phishing Email Alerts

Catch of the Day:  Another IONOS Phish

Chef’s Special:  Excel XLL Phish

Examples of clever phish that made it past my spam filters and into my Inbox, or from clients, or reliable sources on the Internet.

I would be delighted to accept suspicious phishing examples from you.  Please forward your email to

My intention is to provide a warning, ...

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