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Happy Star Wars Day

May the force (fourth) be with you

Also it’s World Password Day

Apple deal could have been “suicide” for Google, company lawyer says

Judge: What should Google have done to avoid the DOJ’s crosshairs?

Halfway through the first day of closing arguments in the Department of Justice’s big antitrust trial against Google, US District Judge Amit Mehta posed the question that likely many Google users have pondered over years of DOJ claims that Google’s market dominance has harmed users.

“What should Google have done to remain outside the crosshairs of the DOJ?” Mehta asked plaintiffs halfway through the first of two full days of closing arguments.  More…

Nations Mandate Certification & Licensure of Cybersecurity Pros

Malaysia, Singapore, and Ghana are among the first countries to pass laws that require cybersecurity firms — and in some cases, individual consultants — to obtain licenses to do business, but concerns remain.

First post: A history of online public messaging

From BBS to Facebook, here’s how messaging platforms have changed over the years.

People have been leaving public messages since the first artists painted hunting scenes on cave walls. But it was the invention of electricity that forever changed the way we talked to each other. In 1844, the first message was sent via telegraph. Samuel Morse, who created the binary Morse Code decades before electronic computers were even possible, tapped out, “What hath God wrought?” It was a prophetic first post.

World War II accelerated the invention of digital computers, but they were primarily single-use machines, designed to calculate artillery firing tables or solve scientific problems. As computers got more powerful, the idea of time-sharing became attractive. Computers were expensive, and they spent most of their time idle, waiting for a user to enter keystrokes at a terminal. Time-sharing allowed many people to interact with a single computer at the same time. More…

[Bob says: This article from Ars Technica does a great job of exploring the concept and history of messaging between computers.  If you were there, this article provides a nice trip down memory lane.  If you weren’t, this article takes you back to the dawn of computing and the evolution of computers, networks, and communication protocols.  An excellent read.]



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