Online threats and how to guard against them

Online threats have become increasingly sophisticated and dangerous in recent years. Hackers can now easily access your personal information and financial data, opening you up to identity theft, fraud, and other serious crimes. Fortunately, there are actually several incisive steps you can take to protect yourself from these threats. This blog post will go ahead and discuss the various types of online ...

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Protecting Your Credentials With A Password Manager


From capital letters to punctuation and numbers, most sites require long and complex passwords to best protect user information. While the benefits of added security are understandable, trying to keep track of the complicated passwords used across dozens of websites and applications can be easier said than done. Studies estimate that the average business user has 191 passwords to keep straight.

For those who struggle to manage passwords across dozens of sites, a password manager can be an excellent ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Safety – Part 2

Kelly Bowers from the Internet Advisor sent me this post to share with my readers.  This is the second of two parts.  Part one published yesterday.

How to Stay Safe

Clearly, the internet is a minefield. But just like any minefield, it can be plenty safe so long as you know where to step.

We can’t tell you how to completely avoid getting into trouble online, but if you follow these steps, you will significantly reduce the number of risks ...

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