Product Managers Role in a Startup

The lack of resources is the most significant obstacle that all entrepreneurs encounter. Every choice regarding the hiring of new employees or the completion of transactions must be carefully considered. Investing in a product manager, on the other hand, is a fairly safe choice for a young business with one or two products.

Startup product managers, often ...

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Directing Your Career to Work Around Your Personal Life

Different people have different attitudes about how their work life and their personal life should be balanced in relation to each other. Some people place a high degree of importance on hard work within a career context, but that might not apply to the values which you hold true. Instead, you might want to make your career work around your personal life.

There are several ways in which you can make this ideal a reality, and it’s simply about finding the ...

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Network+ and Security+ Classes are Available from RCTC in January

Network+ and Security+ Certification Classes at Rochester Community and Technical College

Are you planning to prepare for CompTIA’s Security+ or Network+ certification next year?  Then check out these course offerings

Jan 25th-May 10th
16 Week Program
Tuesday Evenings

Registration Fee: $1999
(must be paid in full at time of registration)
Recommended Textbooks:
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Week 3: Why You Should Consider a Cyber Career

Cybersecurity is one of the hottest sectors today, with new threats and challenges emerging each day. And with that, there is a huge push being undertaken by both business and education sectors to attract individuals toward a degree and career in cyber. Interested in joining this exciting new workforce? Here are a few reasons why pursuing a degree ...

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Weekend Update

A quick Saturday digest of cybersecurity news articles from other sources.

How safe is a quantum-safe virtual private network?

Verizon aims to find out by testing the technology, which is geared at enhancing encryption methods using session key exchange security mechanisms, the carrier said.

What’s going on with the ‘Great Resignation’?

By Steven J. Vaughan-NicholsComputerworld
You’d better work ...
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