Why You Need To Know How To Use A Computer

Ok – apologies in advance, this will be a rant.
My pet peave as an IT consultant, computer support professional, and computer instructor is this:
I meet people every day who seem to think that it is ok to be computer ignorant or illiterate.  Here’s the deal – you will become skilled at using a computer and understanding some fundamentals about how they work, or you will be replaced in the marketplace by younger and more nimble workers who are.  ...
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Charles Cooper at Cnet is Deranged

Charles Cooper, and editor at a technology magazine, has written a column titled Web2.0 as a metaphor for "rip-off"I found the entire premise of this column to be ridiculous, and I posted this comment on the Cnet site.  Click on the blue link above to read the original article, and contribute a comment of your own.

Great Column… For A Fossil

Reader post by: rmweiss 
Posted on: October 20, 2006, 1:10 PM PDT
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New Technology Blog

Not that we need another one, but this is my first web log article.  Most of my comments will be on the subjects of information technoloy, web site design, and science.  I may occasionally stray into legal issues that relate to technology.  I may also get into politics, philosophy, and cosmology.  Who knows.
If you have a particular computer or Internet issue you would like help with, you can post it to me and if I like the question, i’ll ...
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