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TOR, or The Onion Router is a method of surfing the Internet anonymously.  TOR uses a chain of proxy servers and redirection to keep the original IP address (your IP) and hence your identity a secret.  One of the problems with using TOR is that there is a bit of a learning curve, and your Internet browsing speed will likely be reduced to the speed of the slowest Internet connection to one of the proxies in your chain.

There is a company called Privatoria that promises to take you to the world of TOR without all the hassle.  Privatoria is based in the Czech Republic.  They offer secure chat, secure data storage, secure FTP, anonymous email, secure VPN, and anonymous proxy services.  They are supposedly working on anonymous VoIP for phone calls.  There is a nominal fee of 2.90 euros per month to get started, or about $3.28 at current exchange rates.  They offer a trial account for free for 24 hours.


Privatoria gets around the latency problem by offering you the choice of a TOR enabled session, or a quicker session using their own proxies.  Proxy servers are located in 63 countries, with VPN services available in Germany, USA, UK, Singapore, France, Brazil, Egypt, Japan, and Chile.  For people who are looking for a simpler way to live anonymously online, Privatoria may be an answer.

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