Ensuring Success with a Remote Workforce

Running a business with a remote workforce has advantages, but it’s not without challenges. How you hire and manage your staff can make the difference between struggling and striking gold. That’s why WyzGuys Cybersecurity has put together the following tips to help you set up your remote workers (and your business) for success.

Choose a Smart Structure

To bolster the flexibility you’ll have with a remote operation, choose a limited liability company for your legal structure. An LLC simplifies your paperwork requirements and tax obligations and, as the name implies, reduces your personal liability, so there’s less fear of losing personal assets if legal issues arise. You can hire both regular employees and independent contractors under this structure.

You also need to be serious about the security of your financial interactions. For instance, integrating an API finance program to safely access transaction history will allow customers and users to verify identities and view investments without worrying about hackers. In today’s market, that’s a necessity!

Recruit Wisely

Much of remote hiring is the same as acquiring conventional staff. You’ll create job descriptions, post open positions to hiring sites, conduct interviews, and then onboard new hires.

To improve your chances of finding quality hires, pursue candidates with prior remote experience. It’s also helpful if they’ve worked in a similar field. When you begin reaching out to applicants, zero in on the ones who are responsive and proactive, which indicates they’re self-motivated. Set up video interviews in which you clearly communicate your expectations, and meet only when you’ll be able to give the candidate your full attention.

Set Clear Expectations

Although everyone might not gather in the same building, your team needs to be cohesive. Staff will look to the policies and practices you establish for guidance on what’s expected of them. While working remotely affords your employees more flexibility, you must be clear regarding how to handle deadlines, accountability, and communications.

Security and data protection are also important areas to address. Sensitive business information must be accessible to the employees who require it, yet privacy and trade secrecy are paramount. Provide guidelines regarding the access, storage, and sharing of data and require strict adherence.

Experts note that striking a balance between freedom and structure helps employees to make choices that support their company’s goals and protect its interests. Achievable expectations and clear parameters create motivation and reduce frustration.

Engage Regularly

Disengaged employees result in up to $550 billion in losses to businesses annually, so creating a sense of connection amongst your remote workers is vital. Conduct regular video conferences, whether for formal meetings or casual chats. Get to know your employees in the same way you would if you could stop by their desks and shoot the breeze.

Set boundaries, but be available for questions and consultations. Request feedback and solicit ideas directly from employees rather than dictatorially issuing edicts. Schedule brainstorming sessions so staff can connect with other employees and feel they are part of a team. When remote workers view themselves as recognized and valuable contributors, they’ll reward you with greater innovation and productivity to boost your bottom line.

Just because a business operates remotely doesn’t make it a “set it and forget it” enterprise. By establishing the right legal structure, making smart hiring choices, setting firm expectations, and connecting regularly with your team, you’ll demonstrate the kind of leadership required to run a successful remote enterprise.

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