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Twitter Blue Badge email scams – Don’t fall for them!

That was the week that was…

Silk Road drugs market hacker pleads guilty, faces 20 years inside

Here’s an important thing to remember about jurisprudential arithmetic, where two negatives definitely don’t make a positive: stealing money from someone who originally acquired it through criminal means doesn’t “cancel out” the criminality.

You can still go to prison for a very lengthy stretch, and here’s one way.

Remember Silk Road?

Not the actual road, or more properly, the web of East-West trading routes linking China to the Middle East and Europe for many centuries until about AD 1450.

We’re talking about the metaphorical Silk Road, one of the first large-scale sell-what-you-want-and-buy-what-you-like online markets that operated from early 2011 to late 2013 on what’s now loosely known as the dark web.

Given that the Silk Road website was very widely used for selling prohibited items, mostly recreational drugs but also stolen identities and other enablers of cybercrime, the adjective dark in the phrase “dark web” came to be interpreted as dark-as-in-devilish-and-dangerous.

In fact, the word more generally reflects the fact that it is a part of the web that is effectively unilluminated, deliberately kept in the dark from the spotlight of conventional searching and geolocation techniques.  Read more…





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