Sunday Funnies – Heritage Apples Once Lost Forever Rediscovered

Ten Apple Varieties Once Thought Extinct Rediscovered in Pacific Northwest

This is from the Smithsonian.  Click through for the full article.

The “lost” apples will help restore genetic, culinary diversity to a crop North America once produced in astonishing variety.  I think that preserving heritage varieties of anything is important.  We have become, as a species, way too dependent on food mono-cultures, that in the event of a blight or plant disease would result in mass starvation.

This is my second “Apple” post that has nothing to do with technology.  I hate all the new super sweet varieties, give me a good old-fashioned crisp and tart apple any time.  My favorite is Haralson.

The problem with sweet apples is the same problem I have with perfect gigantic strawberries – no flavor!  Plus, in a nation full of people with pre-diabetes and full blown diabetes, the last thing we need is sweeter anything.  Everything, including prepared and canned foods had added sugar as a main ingredient.  We are addicted to this food crack in ways that are not normal.  Food companies tell us they are just meeting consumer demand for sweeter foods, maybe we need to demand something better?


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