Practical Tips for Securing Your Company’s WordPress Site

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By Carla Lopez

Cyberattacks have been harming — and in some cases, crippling — small businesses across the globe ever since the internet became a thing, but especially over the last two years. And as security technology gets smarter and harder to crack, cybercriminals are also getting smarter and learning how to circumvent various security measures put into place. As ZenBusiness notes, “Digital tools make modern life easier, but they also invite new threats.” Hackers will go after anything they can get their hands on, from servers, networks and smart devices. This also includes WordPress sites and every other type of site.

Long story short: Every website is at risk, no matter how much time and energy you put into your WordPress site’s development. The good news is that you can significantly reduce your chances of a security breach by following the simple tips WyzGuys Cybersecurity has provided below.

Recruit Professionals

Your first step should be to find qualified professionals who can put systems in place to help prevent cyberattacks. For example, a WordPress developer can build and maintain a website that functions efficiently and is protected from breaches and other types of attacks.

Keeping sensitive company and customer information secure will provide you with peace of mind and help your business maintain a solid reputation. You can find a plethora of WordPress experts online and compare rates, delivery times, and other qualities.

Update Your Site

WordPress is constantly improving its software and making it more secure. Every time you get the opportunity to update your WordPress site, do it. This will help to combat the latest bugs and protect your site from other types of risks. While you’re at it, keep your site equipped with the newest themes and plugins to minimize security breach points and vulnerabilities.

Manage Logins and Passwords

Many hackers are able to breach small business websites because of unlimited login attempts. If you give them enough opportunities, they will eventually figure out the data they need to get into your system. Set a limit on login attempts allowed, and you will potentially save your company and customers a lot of trouble. Moreover, changing your passwords every two to three months will make it even harder for hackers to access your site.

Back It Up

In the event of a security breach, you will want a copy of all of your website’s data to be stored in an external source. Doing so will ensure that you can restore the site after an attack. There are plenty of quality backup plug-ins on the market, and many of them come with features like spam filtering, daily backups, and 30-day archives.

Use a Firewall and TLS

Firewalls are one of the most essential tools to use in your fight against cybercrime. Every computer you use should have a firewall installed because anytime you connect to your site as the admin, then your connection to the site will become at risk. But you should utilize a web application firewall directly on your WordPress site as well. That way, you can increase your protection from malware, viruses, and attacks.

Take Advantage of Security Scans

There are software and plugins that sift through every corner of your website to detect suspicious activity and other vulnerabilities. These security scans will immediately remove such threats, leaving your site with further protection. Make sure the security scans on your software and plugins are enabled.

Nothing is more important as a business owner than ensuring your WordPress site is secure. If you leave your site at risk of a security breach or any other type of cyberattacks, it could result in a devastating outcome. Don’t let that happen. Follow the simple tips listed above, and keep learning about how you can keep your company and customer data safe from criminals. Not only will you sleep better at night, but your business will be in a better position to flourish.

Cyber-criminals, hacktivists, foreign governments, and political extremists have all found the Internet to be a wonderful playground from which to conduct criminal exploits, steal intellectual property, and launch politically motivated attacks of various types. That’s where WyzGuys Cybersecurity comes in. Contact us today to see how we can help keep the bad guys at bay! 651-387-1668


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