Why Are You Still Branding AOL, gmail, or Comcast On Your Business E-Mail?

This is a rant.  This really bugs me!  I can not for the life of me figure out why anyone sending business e-mail is doing it from an account on AOL, Hotmail, gmail, Comcast, ATT.net, or any other ISP.  This goes double for those of you (and you ought to know who you are) that have a perfectly valid registered domain name that your web site is hanging out on.

Well, I do know the reason.  It’s something like "I’ve been using this e-mail account since the invention of fire" or "everyone already has this e-mail address" or some other version of "it’s too hard to change or I don’t know how to set one up."

If you have your own business domain name, let’s say MyBusiness.com, you should be using an e-mail account like MyName@MyBusiness.com NOT MyBusiness472@AOL.com!!!

When you place your Yellow Page ad, are you kind enough to put an AOL logo in the corner, with something like "E-mail proudly provided by AOL?"   

Those of you running truck fleets, do you get the painter to put a Comcast logo on your truck? NO?

Then please, please, please set up an e-mail address on your domain name and use it for your business correspondence.  If you don’t know how, get someone who does to help you do it.

Thank you!


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I am a cybersecurity and IT instructor, cybersecurity analyst, pen-tester, trainer, and speaker. I am an owner of the WyzCo Group Inc. In addition to consulting on security products and services, I also conduct security audits, compliance audits, vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. I also teach Cybersecurity Awareness Training classes. I work as an information technology and cybersecurity instructor for several training and certification organizations. I have worked in corporate, military, government, and workforce development training environments I am a frequent speaker at professional conferences such as the Minnesota Bloggers Conference, Secure360 Security Conference in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, the (ISC)2 World Congress 2016, and the ISSA International Conference 2017, and many local community organizations, including Chambers of Commerce, SCORE, and several school districts. I have been blogging on cybersecurity since 2006 at http://wyzguyscybersecurity.com

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