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A quick Saturday digest of cybersecurity news articles from other sources.

Invention of the Typewriter

On June 23, 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes, Samuel W. Soulé and Carlos Glidden were granted a patent for an early model of the typewriter, which Sholes later sold to the Remington Arms Company.

Read more about the origins of the Remington typewriter and its QWERTY keyboard system.

Anonymous Sudan’s Attack of European Investment Bank: Money, Politics and PR

Pro-Kremlin APT groups Anonymous Sudan, Killnet and Clop have other motivations than just hacktivism as they widen their attack field beyond political targets.

Interested in $10,000,000? Ready to turn in the Clop ransomware crew?

Technically, it’s “up to $10 million”, but it’s potentially a LOT of money, nevertheless…


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