Tuesday Trivia

A tip of the cap to “Short Lady” on Computerworld’s Shark Tank.

Originally the WWW prefix was used by the scientists at CERN (the European laboratory for Particle Physics) to distinguish Web files from other Internet documents. Today, it’s a completely unnecessary part of a Web address. (Personally, I can’t forget to stop using it 🙂

The word "boot" or "booting" comes from the concept of bootstrapping, or pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. Before PC’s, computer operators would run a program called the bootstrap loader. This loader did the initialization that is now automatic. The process became known as bootstrapping and later booting.

And “Joon Clod”

My trivia contribution: Mickeysoft Windows 1.0 was originally developed on and for the Tandy 2000, an 80186-based PC that was not fully compatible with IBM PCs. I had a friend who bought a 2000 with the whopping 10Mb hard drive that you needed for Windows (my 2000 only had two 760K floppies – that’s right, 760K). Never got Windows to actually work, ON THE MACHINE IT WAS DEVELOPED ON. That should have been a hint for all of us.


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