Sunday Funnies – Disaster du Jour

The title means “disaster of the day.”  I came across this chart on Facebook.  Not terribly funny, but I decided to share it here.  Our elected officials in the Government, in collaboration with the Media, have concocted a lifetime of ELEs – Extinction Level Events, or disasters.  The basic motive is to keep everyone in a more or less constant state of fear and agitation.  A fearful populace is easier for the government to control and manipulate, and helps win elections.  For the Media, it is simply a way to buy eyeballs to watch those commercials between segments reporting yet another disaster.  The result is we divide up into two camps and fight among ourselves over pointless issues, instead of noticing who is creating this situation.

This is not going to end soon, or ever.  What can we do?  Just decide to stop living in fear.  Choose to live your life confident that whatever happens, you and your family will most likely survive, and even thrive.  Be happy, even in the face of adversity.


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