Sunday Funnies – Dawn of the Internet

I found this network map in my LinkedIn feed.  It came from cybersecurity researcher and instructor Pete Herzog.

Something tells me this map has been doctored.  Check the top of the map.  Pretty sure TikTok (Beijing?), Facebk (Moscow), and Twitr (California) were not around back then.  Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t born until 1984.  (1984!  Holy crap that explains a lot.)  Points if you can find Reddit in the middle of the map.  Pretty sure this is the Internet Al Gore created.

The rest of it looks pretty legit.  Here’s a great article on the ARPAnet from Wikipedia.  Its a short article and a great read so link over after checking out the maps below.  Clicking on the maps will open them up to full size for better viewing.

So I got curious and found the legitimate map.

And this is what the map would look like as a geographic layout.

And here’s a map from 1977, just 4 years later.


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  1. pete herzog  November 25, 2021

    Thanks for the recognition and glad you found it funny. You did miss Bob out in HI on the far left. That’s a shoutout to Bob Monroe in HI who leads our Hacker Highschool classes. I post a lot of stupid things so it was funny to watch this one blow up!


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