Philips Passwords Exposed by r00tbeer

A new hacktivist group named “r00tbeersec” cracked some databases at Philips, the huge Dutch electronics company, and published them on the Internet.  As reported on Sophos, this trove included on database of 400 passwords that was stored in plain text.  This is just bad management by the IT folks at Phillips.  The interesting bit is some of the passwords in the list were just so simple to begin with.  What follows are excellent examples of just plain bad password choices.  If these examples look anything like your password, you really ought to change it.

“Some examples of the poor passwords chosen are as follows:

123457 -- nice try, but no cigar!
philips -- five appearances
ph1lips -- nice try, but no cigar!
password -- no list complete without it
qwerty -- ditto
seguro -- Spanish for "secure", it isn't

Look for my recent post on creating a strong and unique password for some guidance in this area.


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