Mnemonics and Tricks for Well-Known Port Numbers

This is a gift from LycanWolfe on reddit/r/CompTIAUsed with permission.

I struggled memorizing these and hope these tricks I used to get them to actually stay in my brain rather than memory dump after tests help you as well :). Try making your own mnemonics as I feel the process of making ways to remember helps it stick much faster and you’ll always remember the funny way you linked things up.

File Transfer Protocol – FTP: 20-21. “Date at 20? I was Full Time Partier until I turned 21 and got some self Control.” 20=Data 21=Control. A bit long winded but it works.

Secure Shell – SSH: 22 looks like two “S”s.

Telnet: 23. Tell ’em Micheal Jordan (jersey number 23) hits nothing but net.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – SMTP: 25. She Mailed Twenty-five Packages.

Domain Name System – DNS: 53. Dad! No Salt! You’re 53! (sorry folks).

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol – DHCP: 67(server), 68(client) Downtown Has Cheese Pizza where 67th Street and 68th Cross.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol – HTTP: 80. Hold The Phone, I’ve seen a ghost. (80 is the ghost face).

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure – HTTPS: 443. Think 4×4 safe and 3 is the key. Securing the safe.

Internet Mail Access Protocol – IMAP: 143. Internet Made A P(pen pineapple pen song). Turn the numbers into letters and MAKE a P out of the 1. M=3, 4=A, 1=P. The Mnemonic helps to remind you you’re making Letters from similar shaped numbers.

Remote Desktop Protocol – RDP: 3389 Remote Dog Protocol. This one is just a play on words. Visual imagery really helps this one stick in your head. 33 sounds like REE. The 89 looks like a dogs eyes and nose to me. Picture your dog getting the remote for you.

From Bay35music

However, if you want a mnemonic phrase for the laser printing process, just remember:

People Can Eat Donuts TFeel Content.








TFTP: 69 – This is For The Perverts!


Remembering NTP is as easy as 123




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  1. Nerdious Maximus  March 21, 2024

    For those who remember the band Naughty By Nature. The courus of their song “OPP” was “Ya down with OPP? Yeah you know me!”
    I use this Mnemonic:
    “Ya down with NTP? Port 123!”

  2. PortConfusion  June 24, 2024

    Nerdious Maximus, true to your name that’s a fantastic one for port 123 😀
    Thanks for sharing! Now I’ll never forget it!


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