Laptops With Linux Pre-Installed

Even though the Linux operating system is somewhat more secure than either Windows or even the allegedly “hacker-proof” Mac operating systems, and considerably less expensive to use, it has never been taken up by a significant number or average, every-day users.

Linux has always suffered a bit from being a DIY operating system, with a reputation for requiring some major computer chops to install and run the open source operating system.  See the image to the left.  Then there is the issue with all the distributions (“distros”).  With one is right for you?

The Linux operating system  distributions are generally available free-of-charge.  Downloading an ISO file and installing Linux on a computer has become fairly easy, and there are lots of great tutorials to help someone through the process.

But with Windows PCs and Apple PCs, everything is already installed and the computer will pretty much run right out of the box.  Not the same experience for Linux users, until lately.

According to a recent article on Tech Republic, there are companies selling new laptops with Linux pre-installed.  This makes the decision to move to Linux relatively simple for anyone.

. According to Jack Wallen at Tech Republic, there are “the  KDE Slimbook (KDE), Kubuntu Focus (Kubuntu), Purism Librem (PureOS), the Dell XPS Developer edition (Ubuntu), all of the System76 laptops (Pop!_OS), Penguin M3 (Linux Mint), Huawei Matebook (with Deepin Linux), Pinebook (Debian), and Tuxedo Red (which will soon be sold with Manjaro Linux).”

If you have been considering moving to Linux, or at least getting a Linux system to mess around with on your free time, now is a good time to jump into the pool.

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