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Catch of the Day:  Phishing Test

Chef’s Special: Fax Phish

Examples of clever phish that made it past my spam filters and into my Inbox, or from clients, or reliable sources on the Internet.

I would be delighted to accept suspicious phishing examples from you.  Please forward your email to

My intention is to provide a warning, examples of current phishing scams, related articles, and education about how these scams and exploits work, and how to detect them in your own inbox.  If the pictures are too small or extend off the page, double-clicking on them will open them up in a photo viewer app.

Phishing Test

As an employee of a cybersecurity training company, I guess I have to expect to be phished by my own employer periodically.  Here’s one I got this week.  Want to run phishing tests against your own staff?  Contact Infosec,  This is only a test….

Fax Phish

This is a simple credential stealing operation.  The link resolves to and is redirected to[truncated].  VirusTotal reported the original link as phishing, but nothing on the second link.

Here is the landing page.  An credential harvesting page.

iPhone 12 scam pretends to be Apple “chatbot” – don’t fall for it!

If you got someone else’s “free offer” in what looked like a misdirected message, would you take a peek?  Be sure to see the article on Sophos for the entire exploit description.





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