CompTIA Server+ Exam Insights and Performance Based Questions

I passed the Server+ exam yesterday. 90 minutes for 82 questions. 759 out of 900, and I needed 750 to pass.  All but the first two question were multiple choice, single answer or multiple choose, multiple answer (pick two).  I would recommend knowing a bit of Linux for this exam.  While there is no work at a simulated terminal prompt, you do need to pick the correct Linux commands from a selection of Linux and Windows commands.  If you aren’t familiar with Linux spend some extra time on this topic.  Make a Kali or Ubuntu VM and practice some of the commands that are in the text book.  Otherwise, the questions are pretty straight-forward.

The first two questions were PBQs.

First one was arranging 3 servers in two racks in a way that the power consumption on each rack stayed below 12 amps. This could be achieved by dragging and dropping the servers into the appropriate racks. Also required the admin to select primary and secondary PDU options from drop-down lists.

The second one involved a network connectivity problem, that was resolved by correcting the routing tables on two routers configured in a DMZ application. Again, selecting the correct IP address from drop-down lists provided the solution.

Neither one of these PBQs was particularly difficult, nothing at the command line, no IP subnet calculations, or other difficulties.  Read the instructions, and just think it through.

If you are scheduled to take this exam, or just working towards it, good luck!  Read and answer the question.  Go with your first impression, don’t second guess yourself, and do not go back and change your answers.


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  1. Gavin Swannigan  June 26, 2022

    I just took the Server+ exam also got 82 questions and had the exact same PBQs , they both were like you stated. I wasn’t confident on the second but felt confident on the first one. I didn’t pass this time but will the next time I take it. ITs not for a direct role but part of a certification track at MyComputerCareer. Any suggestions on material or resources that can give me practice at configuring routing tables on multiple routers in a DMZ? Enjoy the posts and please continue to give quality content!!

  2. bobwyzguy  June 27, 2022

    Thanks for your comment Gavin. I’m sorry you missed it this time, but you will pass next time for sure!

    I don’t have any study suggestions for the router PBQ. Routers exist to connect DIFFERENT networks together. Edge routers like a default gateway often (but not always) connect a private IP range like a LAN to a public IP range such as the internet. So it is not at all uncommon to have very different networks on different ports.

    When two routers are connected to each other, there is a 2 device subnet created. This will end with a /30 subnet mask. So for instance router one would be and router 2 would be Just remember that a ?30 subnet can only connect 2 devices. A very small subnet indeed.

    Don’t know if this helps

  3. Gavin Swannigan  July 4, 2022

    Thanks for the insight, helps alot

  4. twiga  June 4, 2023

    Am about to sit for server+ exams in the next two day but am not comfortable with pbq which requires to arrange the different devices in racks. could you explain how you did yours

  5. bobwyzguy  June 5, 2023

    This question simply requires the test taker to calculate the amperage of the devices connected to each rack, keeping the total of each rack under 12 amps.


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