AppGuard – Preventing the Undetectable

Today’s post is from Tony Chiappetta of CHIPS.  Tony is a frequent article contributor, and I am happy to recommend AppGuard to my readers.  I do not usually promote specific products on this blog, but if you are dealing with zero-day threats in your environment, AppGuard may be for you. Tony is hosting a webinar next week on December 8th at 2:00 pm CST, so if you need more information, I would suggest your register today.

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CHIPS – Preventing the Undetectable (

2021 has been the year of 0-day exploits and is on track to surpass both 2019 and 2020 combined!

Hackers are using these numerous holes to their advantage by pushing their malicious code and exhorting businesses for hard earned dollars!

If that isn’t scary enough, detectable malware can now easily be made undetectable!

How is a business to protect itself from threats that are maturing and growing exponentially?

The days of relying on traditional “Detect and Respond” solutions are over!

Rather than trying to recover faster from these bad situations, organizations need to move to a posture of preventing the compromise from happing in the first place.

AppGuard is the only Endpoint Protection software that is designed to be 100% preventative. Whether the threat is a custom written malware, a new supply chain attack, or something else the world has never seen, AppGuard has proven every time since its creation more than seven years ago, that it can prevent malicious software from executing in the first place.

More than whitelisting—AppGuard holds several patents, putting it at a level no other solution can achieve.

Originally invented for the US Military, CHIPS has successfully deployed this solution to dozens of organizations, including Minnesota Law Enforcement. Read our case study here |

Sound too good to be true?  Learn more about this solution and sign up to join our next live demonstration webinar to see this solution stand up to some of the most damaging cyber-attacks the world has ever seen |


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