Bitdefender Rated Best Business AV

bitdefenderAV-Test rated Bitdefender Endpoint Security 5.3 the best anti-virus software for Windows client business users in its December 2015 test.  I mention this because this is the product that we deploy here at CIT for our managed service customers.  They rated a nearly perfect score.  Here are the particulars:

  • 100% effective against zero-day malware out of 140 samples used
  • 100% detection of 14,658 pervalent malware samples
  • Bitdefender affected performance negliably, adding a 1 second delay to web surfing, downloading, and installing software. (5 samples)
  • There were zero false positives or warnings when visiting websites, out of 500 samples.
  • One one false detection of legitimate software as malware during a system scan out of over 1.3 million samples.
  • Zero false warnings and zero false blockages during software installations out of 40 samples.

All-in all, very impressive results.

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