Yahooligans: It Might Be Wise To Reset Your Password

Some users of Yahoo email were advised the company that their user IDs and passwords may have been compromised in data that was stolen from a third party (Target perhaps?)  If you are the sort of person who uses on password all over the web, you might want to log on to your Yahoo account and change your password.  And then do the same thing everywhere else you have been using that password.

My standing advise to clients is to use passwords that are ten characters or longer, and that contain a nice mix of upper and lower case letter, numerals, and a symbol or two.  The easy way to create unique but yet memorable passwords for every site is to create an 8-10 character base password that remains constant, and then append one or two characters to the beginning or end of it to make it unique for the site, such as adding an A to the password for your Amazon account.  Our you could use a password manager such as KeePass or LastPass.

Anyway, if you use Yahoo, it’s time for a password change.


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