Yahoo Unveils New Portal Page

Yahoo released its quarterly financials and a spanking new portal page ( to go with it, as an offering of sorts to investors who were disappointed with the financials.  Well – it’s something, I guess.

I just can’t get worked up about portal pages, I don’t care if it’s Comcast (my ISP), MSN, Yahoo, or whoever.  I do have a Yahoo ID, (bobwyzguy) which is a relic from an job long lost where we used Yahoo IM to keep in touch with each other.  I have 7 home pages set up in IE7 (sorry, just don’t like Firefox).  I know where I want to go and just go there.  If its important for today I leave it in a tab.  Important for a while it goes to Favorites.

But you might just want to check it out if:

  • You are using Yahoo for your email.
  • You already have Yahoo set as your home page.
  • Things are slow at the office, and you have time to burn.

Otherwise you probably can live without this improvement.


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