Windows 7 Surpasses Windows XP–Finally!

It has been nearly 3 years since Windows 7 was launched, and it has finally surpassed the 11 year old and somewhat long in the tooth Windows XP in percentage of Windows computers in use.  Windows 7 has a 42% share with windows XP falling to 41% as users replace their older systems.  Windows Vista, never very popular with users, has a 7% share, down from its highest share of 13%.  It is expected that Windows 7 with achieve 48% by October of this year, when Microsoft is expected to release Windows 8.

I am advising my Windows XP clients to upgrade to windows 7 while they still can.  Most of the hold-outs are people who are not happy with changing to the user interface of the operating system.  The main different for XP fans in Windows 7 is that the start button is now round instead of rectangular.  I nost other ways it is the same, except where it is much better and easier to use.

Windows 8 represents a significant, even major, change in the user interface, with Microsoft extending it tiled “Metro” start screen from its mobile phone products onto the desktop.  Personally, I think many people are going to be put off by the dramatic change.  I expect businesses are going to shun Win8 as they did Vista when it was launched with something of a thud.  To check out Windows 8 and see for yourself, go to the Windows 9 Release Preview site.


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