Why You Need To Own Your Email Address

I have said this before, but if you have a web site, and have a domain name for your business, your business email should be on that domain name as well.  For instance, if your web site address is www.bobswayhot.com, your email address needs to be something like bob@bobswayhot.com.  NOT – bobswayhot@yahoo.com or bobswayhot@aol.com.

Let’s just skip the part about why the heck you want to be branding for Yahoo, AOL, or Google when you could be branding your own business and web site when you are sending email.  Let’s consider the fact that both AOL and Yahoo are destined to be sold.  News out today indicates that Time Warner, after paying $150 billion for them, and after ten years of not knowing what to do with AOL, is going to sell them for around $5 billion (they hope).  Yahoo has been in the courtship dance with Google, then Microsoft, then nobody, and now it looks like Microsoft may be back under their window singing love songs.

Why do you care?  Well, there is no guarantee that the AOL.com or Yahoo.com e-mail domains will survive the mergers.  What that means to those of you with email addresses on those domains is that you may be forced to change them, even though “you’ve had them for years” and it is “too hard to tell everybody that I changed it".”

This is true for Comcast, Qwest, ATT, SBCGlobal.net – whatever.  You use their email domain at your peril. If you would like help setting up email accounts on your web site domain name, please feel free to drop me at line at bob@wyzguys.com


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