Why Do We Always Get Hosed in America?

Everyone knows that American made drugs are cheaper in Canada.  Same drugs as here.  Some of you may know that American made cars are cheaper in Canada, too.  Same cars as here.  We have heard that medical procedures are more affordable overseas in places like India, even after you add in the price of airfare and lodging.  And the doctors are excellent US and British trained specialists.  And retiring to Belize is more affordable than living in the US.

imageAn now news that Internet service in France is twice as good at one third the price of comparable service in the USA.  An November 17th article on Silicon Beat spells it out, for $63 you get:

  • Pay TV with 250 cable channels
  • Home phone service with unlimited international calling
  • Internet service with 100 megabit per second (Mbps) download speeds
  • Mobile phone service with unlimited calling and 3 gigabytes (GB) of monthly bandwidth.

I know that I pay about $100 for 10-15 MB Internet and a business phone line.  We have a 125 channel cable TV package that somehow costs us about $125.00.  And my 4 phone cell plan is another $250, for three smart phones with data plans and a plain old flip phone without.  As a single smartphone, I would be spending at least $70 per month, but even without the other three phones I am close to $300 per month of my telecom services.

Of course we are looking at new carriers for all our stuff, but even with the best bundles and temporary promotional discounts we are going to be lucky to get close to $200 a month.  Good luck and good grief!  I think I am moving to France!


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