When Doo-Doo Happens: A Study in World Religions

This is one of my favorite bits of humor.  Thanks to http://glory4ever.net/public/ministry/humor/cr.htm

Agnosticism – Maybe doo-doo happens, maybe it doesn’t

Atheism – There is no doo-doo

Buddhism – If doo-doo happens, it’s not really doo-doo.

Catholicism – If doo-doo happens you deserve it.

Christian Science – The doo-doo is in your mind

Confucianism – Doo-doo happens when you don’t honor your ancestors

Existentialism – What is doo-doo anyway?

Hare Krishna – Doo-doo happens. Rama Rama.

Hedonism – There’s nothing like good doo-doo happening

Hinduism – This doo-doo happened before

Islam – If doo-doo happens, it’s the will of Allah

Jainism – The doo-doo is sacred. Don’t step in it.

Jehovah Witness – Knock. Knock. Doo-doo happens.

Judaism – Why does this doo-doo always happen to us?

Protestantism – Doo-doo happens because you don’t work hard enough

Puritanism – Doo-doo happens so burn the witch

Rastafarianism – Let’s smoke this doo-doo.

Stoicism – The doo-doo doesn’t bother me.

TV Evangelism – Send us your doo-doo

Taoism – Doo-doo happens

Zen – Just in this moment doo-doo is happening


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