Updating Email Domains in a Mailing List

If you were part of the Comcast / TimeWarner cable territory swap a year back, or even if you you weren’t, but have friends or customers with email addresses on the old ISP, this tip will save you some time.  A client of mine sent me the following e-mail:

Do you happen to know, or can you find out, what mn.rr.com email addresses changed to???  When I send out my monthly customer newsletter, I get a TON of those emails returned to me.

My reply was:

Yeah – mn.rr.com was the email domain used by Time Warner Cable.  The rr is short for RoadRunner, a Warner Bros. cartoon character (bee-beep), and the trade name of their Hi-Speed Internet Service.   Time Warner and Comcast did a territory swap about a year ago, with Comcast getting Minneapolis and the western suburbs.  They would have been forwarding mail from the old mn.rr.com email accounts to the new Comcast one for about a year.  The grace period has expired on the old domain.

Most people will have gotten their old email name at Comcast (bobw@mn.rr.com would become bobw@comcast.net)

Try changing the mn.rr.com to comcast.net.  If perchance you have this list on a spreadsheet or Word document, you could do a simple Find/Replace and be done in a flash  If it is in your email address book (Outlook, Outlook Express), it will take more time.  If you have the e-mails in a group distribution list, the fix is simple. 

The group list will look something like this:  bsnyde@mn.rr.com, katie@mn.rr.com, bryan.b@mn.rr.com, hiyahchef@mn.rr.com, vince@mn.rr.com, and so on.

Copy and paste this collection into Word or even Notepad, go to the Edit menu, click on Replace, the enter mm.rr.com in the Find box, and comcast.net in the Replace box, and click on Replace All.  Then copy and paste it back into your Group Distribution List – REPLACING the original copy.  So you need to delete the old list first, or highlight it all and overwrite it when you click on Paste.


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