This Website Is Being Attacked

As a side note to my day today, for the last 24 hours or so someone, or several someones, have been attempting to brute force the login credential for this web site.  Thanks to my web site security, I am aware of the attempts, and it appears that the security applications are doing a great job of preventing an intrusion.  Besides the automated password cracking attempt, there have been SQL injection attempts blocked, spam comments blocked, and even a DDoS attack thwarted.

Some of the source IP addresses for these attempts are, (DDoS from Bejing, China), (brute force password attack from New South Wales, Australia), (comment spam from Vietnam), (SQL injection attempts from Malpils, Latvia).  I’m sure some or most of these are TOR exit nodes, so who knows where is is really originating from?  Seems like I have a bunch of fans.  Thanks guys, the attention is all very flattering and everything but maybe it’s time to move on.


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