The Monster In the Closet – That 12 Year Old Server!

OK – As a budding capitalist, I am all in favor of saving a buck and dropping it to the bottom line.  But I keep running across clients with very old servers running their critical line of business and accounting applications.  I am talking about servers built in the last century.  A combination of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset coupled with some jaw dropping replacement costs that can be in the tens of thousands of dollars are keep these time bombs ticking away in many small businesses.

The problem is this:  When the time comes for this server to throw in the towel, you will not be able to make a quick upgrade to the latest/greatest.  Instead you will be throwing money that could have been used for an upgrade into finding replacement parts for this relic on eBay and hoping they work any better than the parts that failed.  So basically you will have had a week’s worth of downtime (if you’re lucky) at whatever that costs your business, plus the expense of parts and labor to get the beast back up and running.  Now that $30,000 proposal doesn’t look so bad.

Plus all the expertise that used to know how the old LOB software installed and was configured has died, moved on, been laid off, or retired.

If you are determined to keep this relic alive, at least do yourself the favor of buying a replacement unit and having it ready to go.  Ten year old servers can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars, and made ready to swap in on short notice.

Or – you can just enjoy the week off.  Hopefully your business can survive it.


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