Ten Stupid Computer Tricks

I found this article to be very interesting and entertaining.  Here is the link to PC World.

The ten biggest technology blunders listed in the article are:

  • Yahoo fails to acquire Facebook in 2006.
  • in 2000, Real Networks passed on the music player design that became the iPod
  • Sony and Toshiba battle over HD-DVD standards starting in 2002.
  • Digital Research, inventor of the CPM operating system, turns down IBM in 1980, opening the way for DOS and Microsoft
  • Xerox invents the personal computer in 1973, does nothing to market it, but shows it to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in 1979.
  • The recording industry sues Napster in 1999, missing the chance to partner on a transformative distribution and sales model.
  • CompuServe misses the chance to rule the Internet in the 1990’s by letting AOL carpet bomb user with free CDs and unlimited pricing.
  • Newspapers fail to see the Internet as a low cost method of distribution and fail to compete with Craigslist for advertising.
  • OpenText abandons web search in 1995, sacrificing a three year lead over Google.
  • Microsoft saves Apple in 1999 with a $150 million investment.

The entire article is worth the read.


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