Tax Dollars At Work – Good News For A Change

scalesThe US House of representatives passed the Email Privacy Act.  Finally the Congress passes a bill that actually protects the public from warrantless search and seizure of email records.   What makes this vote special is that it was unanimous – 419-to 0!  When does that ever happen?  Rarely, but considering this bill would protect our representatives too, maybe not all that surprising.

This bill removes the ability of the police to get email records older than 180 days by subpoena.  Now they need a warrant, as it should be under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

If you want more, including the Bill itself, see the links below.  My hope is that this signals a change in the Congress to defend the Constitution as they promise under their Oath of Office.  Of course this still has to pass the Senate, so good luck to all of us.  Now if we could just get rid of Dianne Feinstein!


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