Sunday Funnies – Why You Have Computer Problems

sharky-150-100393005-bylineThis is from Computerworld Shark Tank, which I read daily.  These are funny stories about computer users from an IT perspective.  Normally I have not shared these funny stories with my readers because this is a bit of IT “inside baseball.”  Plus you might just recognize yourself in the story, and be offended, which I would like to avoid.  But this one is too good not to share.  Please DO NOT fall for this sort of email.

“This IT pilot fish gets a call from a friend who complains that her computer has acquired a virus.

“What happened? fish asks.

“She said that she opened an email from her Internet security provider, warning her that her laptop had been stolen,” says fish. “They would happily help her find it if she would only click on the secure link and download the location to her system.

“Click away she did. She was surprised when her system rebooted with an unknown account on her system and she had no access to anything.

“Calmly I asked, ‘Your laptop is missing? What computer system were you using to read the email?’

“She replied, ‘My laptop of course — it’s the only computer I have, you know that!'”

The moral of the story – use a little common sense when reading your email, and try to catch the phish before it catches you.  Also, many of my clients have been believing the security pop-up that tells them their computer is infected and please call this 800 number.  These are always fake.  So are the unsolicited phone calls from “Microsoft” or “Tech Support” telling you you have a serious malware infection.  All fake.


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