Sunday Funnies: Slow Drivers

imageMy plea (falling on deaf ears I suspect)

  1. If you are going to drive below the speed limit stay out of the left lane.
  2. Slow drivers please stay out of the center lane.  I get it, you are avoiding the merging traffic in the right line (cuz you don’t know how to merge either).  Having faster traffic passing you on both the left and right sides and swooping back into the center lane is dangerous for you and them
  3. If you are going to drive below the speed limit in rush hour traffic, stay off the freeway and use surface streets.  You are too fearful to be on the highway at rush hour.  You think driving slowly is making you safer.  Look in your rear view mirror.  Think that driving at 45 MPH with a truck barreling down on you at 60 MPH and forcing him to change lanes is somehow safer than keeping up with the car ahead of you?
  4. And why do Ford F150 drivers get into the leftmost lane and drive exactly the speed limit?  Please move the to right!  The rest of us are trying to speed!!

ok not so funny today, but I liked the picture.

1-12-2015 from the Sunday Pioneer Press, Rueben Rosario weighs in on the same topic.


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