Sunday Funnies: Lost in Translation

Thanks to (The insults in other languages that sound the strangest in English) for these nuggets.  Inspired by cjmerc39’s Reddit post.

  1. Vai a quel paese (Italian)
    Literally: Go to that country.
    Means: Go to hell.
  2. China, I’m going to donner you (South African English)
    Literally: Friend, I’m going to thunder you.
    Means: I’m going to beat you up.
  3. Anda a ver si el gallo puso (Venezuelan Spanish)
    Literally: Go see if the rooster laid an egg.
    Means: Go away, stop bothering me.
  4. Estás más solo que un colegio de noche (Venezuelan Spanish)
    Literally: You’re more alone than a school at night.
    Means: You’re completely alone.
  5. Dummkopf (German)
    Literally: Dumb head. (No explanation needed.)
  6. Une vache espagnole (French)
    Literally: A Spanish cow.
    Means: Someone who speaks French with a poor accent.
  7. Hún dàn (Mandarin)
    Literally: Mixed egg.
    Means: You bastard.
  8. Pónte las pilas (Spanish)
    Literally: Put your batteries in.
    Means: Get on with it.
  9. Qué mala leche (Argentine Spanish)
    Literally: What bad milk.
    Means: How rude/unpleasant.
  10. Qué poca madre tienes. (Mexican Spanish)
    Literally: How little mother you have.
    Means: You’re so rude.
  11. Estás mandando fruta. (Argentine Spanish)
    Literally: You’re sending fruit.
    Means: You’re talking nonsense.
  12. Casse-toi (French)
    Literally: Go break yourself.
    Means: Get lost.
  13. Tōfu no kado ni atama wo utte shinē (Japanese)
    Literally: Go hit your head on a corner of tofu and die.
    Means: According to one Reddit user, it “used to refer to complete idiots, presumably whose heads are so useless they’d stop working entirely if they hit a corner of tofu.”
  14. Gey strashe di gen (Yiddish)
    Literally: Go threaten geese.
    Means: You don’t scare me.
  15. Gey kakken oifen yam (Yiddish)
    Literally: Go take a poop in the sea.
    Means: Go to hell.
  16. Es más feo que un carro visto por debajo (Colombian Spanish)
    Literally: He/she’s uglier than a car seen from below. (Self-explanatory.)
  17. Nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben (German)
    Literally: To not have all the cups in the cupboard.
    Means: To be a bit of an idiot.



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