Sunday Funnies: French Parking Meters Insult Mayor

I usually go off-topic on Sunday, but every now and again something funny happens in the world of cybersecurity.  According to Sophos, some clever wag, possibly a disgruntled former employee of the parking meter company, possibly an outside hacker with a political ax to grind, was able to breach the computer system that controlled the parking meters in Meaux, a small town outside of Paris, and place a message insulting the town’s mayor at the bottom of the receipt.

This attack was leveled at the town’s mayor, Jean-François Copé.  Parking receipts issued to drivers from one particular parking lot replaced the usually “friendly” message with one declaring that Copé was a “bastard mayor” and a “thieving mayor”.

Below is a picture of one ticket that was posted to Twitter.  This is the kind of civil disobedience that shows some creativity.  Vive la France!



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