Sunday Funnies: I Can’t Remember Names

I have always had difficulty remembering peoples’ names.  That is one reason I am grateful that my parents gave me an easy name – a palindrome – Bob.  I have taken two different “Remember Peoples’ Names” classes and failed both of them.

Don’t get me wrong, if we’ve met, I will recognize you when we meet again.  I will probably even remember why I know you, how and where we met, and maybe even what we talked about.  Your name?  Probably not.  So my greeting will be, “I remember you from the conference last year.  I’m sorry, I have forgotten your name.  I’m Bob.”

With my speaking and training schedule, I meet thousands of people in an average year, but that is not why I can’t remember names.  Maybe this is the reason.  From Dilbert by Scott Adams.



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