Sunday Funnies – British Tech Slang

Thanks to Quartz for this list.  I have posted just the tech slang, so be sure to click through for the full list.

  • Baklava code
    A piece of code that has too many layers, borrowing its name from the multi-layered, sweet pastry.
    Two acronyms deployed by frustrated tech support workers when dealing with customers flummoxed by simple problems. RTFM is code for “read the freaking manual,” while PICNIC refers to “problem in chair, not in computer.”
  • Angry fruit salad
    A lurid, headache-inducing and excessively colorful visual interface.
  • Hysterical reasons
    If something is done “for hysterical reasons,” it means it must be carried out “in a particularly stupid way for something to work,” explains Dent. A variant of “for historical reasons.”


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