Stop Expecting the Government To Fix It

This article originally appeared in NewsScan Daily on May 24 2004.  It is a response to another reader who thought the solution to computer security was to pass another law and have the government regulate it.

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May 21, 2004


    The author of this piece did not want to be identified, but we can assume this person is probably a lawyer. Dear sir or madam: Please take a look at the world and find one government program or regulation that doesn’t completely stifle growth and innovation. Let’s look in my industry, the telecom sector, where for 60 years government regulations sponsored a monopoly where innovation never occurred because it didn’t have to in the absence of competition, and since 1996, the laughable concept of "open competition" in the local loop, where regulations change daily making it impossible to implement any type of long term business plan, and most of the "competition" died off in the 2001-2002 technology collapse.
    Can we stop looking to Big Brother to fix all our little miseries, get a backbone, and take care of our own lives? There are security solutions available for anyone who wants to employ them. If you don’t know how, learn — read a book or find a friend or associate who knows how to help, or goodness me — buy some competent help from an unemployed technology professional. Lawyers and the Government generally take a difficult situation and make it impossible. Lets leave them out of it. (Bob Weiss, MCSE)


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