Still Clinging to Windows XP–Time’s Up!

Windows XP was released in 2001, and at 12 years old is long in the tooth.  Microsoft will officially discontinue support for Windows XP in April 2014.  At that point in time, all security updates for what has been a security nightmare will cease.  Any new vulnerabilities that are discovered, and new threats that are developed to exploit them will remain unpatched.  It’s time to move on.

Sure, you wisely skipped the disappointing and troublesome Windows Vista.  But you have missed out on four years of Windows 7 bliss, possibly the best operating system ever developed, certainly the best of Windows.  And now you are faced with the prospect of having to upgrade to Windows 8, an operating system that is technically superb, but with a bold, new and confusing user interface that few people like, and most find annoying.

Usually I advise people to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, but there is still time to get into Windows 7, which has a user interface that is much more similar to XP than Windows 8.  So if you are hanging on or holding out, it’s time.  Although you will not find anything but Windows 8 in the stores, you can still order Windows 7 through independent computer professionals, and online from companies like Dell.  We are still providing Windows 7 computers for our clients.  If you are ready to make a move, do it now. 


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