Setting Up TFA Without Authenticator

tfaMaybe you like the idea of two-factor authentication, but the Google Authenticator smartphone app seems too cumbersome.  Or maybe you are not a smartphone owner, because you don’t like the idea of a phone that can track your location to within a few feet, and keeps sharing all your personal data with the apps on your phone.  So you own a flip phone with SMS capability.

If you have SMS or text messaging capability, you can use TFA with many of the popular web sites.  Gmail, Amazon, and Facebook can be set up to provide a one-time security PIN code to your phone, which you enter on an additional screen after your typical user name and password.

To set up TFA, access your Account information.  This usually can be done by clicking on the avatar or the My Account menu item, almost always found in the upper right hand corner.  Look for the Security or Privacy sub-menu, and then look for menus such as Login Options, Two-Factor, or Advanced.  To get detailed instructions, please refer to the links listed below.

Two-factor Authentication is the best way to secure your online accounts to prevent unauthorized access by malicious third parties, or even snoopy friends and family members.  We use TFA extensively, and recommend it to our clients, and encourage you to get started today, if you haven’t already.


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