Please – If You Must Forward That Email…

Dear Email Forwarders – (you know who you are)

I get a number of emails every week from people I know and friends who are email forwarders – you know what I’m talking about.  It’s usually something patriotic, political, humorous, or possibly a health tip.

For some reason this stuff is always written in some really gigantic goofy font, usually in color, SOMETIMES IN ALL CAPITALS.

Please stop.  I am not visually impaired, and if I was I still wouldn’t need it that big.  Gee, maybe I have glasses.  Maybe my monitor is set to display large fonts.  And the color doesn’t help.  The use of capital letters on the Internet is mutually agreed to be the equivalent of SHOUTING, so don’t do it, please.  No one liked to be shouted at.  The fact that I have to keep scrolling down the page forever is a problem too.  Just knock it off – its like you wrote a ransom note in crayon, for Pete’s sake.  I know you think this is like really cool and emphatic and makes the message way, way important, but it doesn’t.  It just makes you look like you are about 67, retired, have too much time on your hands, and a blazingly fast Internet connection.

If you are not the shameless author, well – shoot – highlight the whole thing and send it out in a normally sized font.  And while you are at it, delete the 47 lines of other peoples email addresses.  How do you think spammers get those email addresses anyway?


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