Panama Papers Attackers Exploited WordPress Flaw

panama-papersWe have written before about the importance of properly securing your WordPress website.  According to a recent post on the WordFence blog, the Mossack Fonseca breach, commonly known as the “Panama Papers,” was apparently made possible by an unpatched WordPress plugin, and also a mail program that stored user credentials in plaintext..

This again reiterates the importance of keeping your WordPress version up to date (version 4.5 as of 4-16-2016), as well as updates the plugins and themes associated with your site files.  I also recommend keeping your site files backed up with a plugin such as Backup WordPress or Updraft, and keeping it all secure with a security plugin like WordFence.

So if you are keeping any sort of client or employee information on your website, and don’t want to see it stolen, sold, or exposed like this, this is something you need to take care of today.

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